As a new resident of Duluth, Minnesota, you’re in for a real treat. Known for its stunning natural landscapes and a warm, community vibe, Duluth is a fantastic place for families like ours to explore and settle into. Whether you’re into outdoor adventures, arts, or just soaking in the local culture, there’s something here for everyone. Here’s my curated list of the best Duluth family activities in Duluth, including a personal favorite – catching a Duluth FC game!

1. Explore Canal Park

My family’s Duluth adventure began at Canal Park, a bustling hub of activity that’s perfect for families. We loved walking along the scenic Lakewalk, watching massive ships pass through the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge, and exploring the playful Maritime Museum, which is both free and interactive. With a variety of restaurants and shops, it’s an ideal spot for a leisurely day out.

2. Visit the Great Lakes Aquarium

A trip to the Great Lakes Aquarium became a must for us. It offers a fascinating glimpse into local and global aquatic life. My kids especially loved the interactive exhibits, like touching pools and high-tech simulations, making it not just educational but incredibly fun.

3. Hike at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

As a nature-loving family, we found Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory to be a unique treat. Famous for the migration season, you can see thousands of birds soaring overhead. Even outside migration season, the hiking trails offer spectacular views of Lake Superior and the lush landscapes.

Duluth FC - Duluth's Premier Soccer - Duluth FC

4. Cheer at a Duluth FC Game

One of the highlights of our weekends has been immersing ourselves in the local sports scene by catching a Duluth FC game. Soccer is rapidly growing in popularity here, and the games are energetic and family-friendly. Supporting the BlueGreens is a perfect way to bond over shared community spirit and meet other locals.

5. Discover the Duluth Children’s Museum

The Duluth Children’s Museum has been a hit with my younger kids. Its exhibits, designed to engage young minds in science and culture, ensure that every visit is both fun and educational. The hands-on approach here is something we always look forward to.

6. Take a Scenic Train Ride on the North Shore Scenic Railroad

We stepped back in time with a scenic train ride along the shores of Lake Superior. The North Shore Scenic Railroad offers various themed rides that appeal to all ages, including pizza trains, music trains, and the magical Polar Express during the holiday season.

7. Enjoy Outdoor Adventures at Spirit Mountain

For more adventurous activities, Spirit Mountain has been our go-to. Depending on the season, we’ve skied, snowboarded, biked, or simply enjoyed the adventure park. The mountain provides breathtaking panoramic views, making it a thrilling escape for the whole family.

8. Relax at Brighton Beach

For a laid-back day, we often head to Brighton Beach. It’s a fantastic place for a picnic, skipping stones, and watching the sunset over Lake Superior. The gentle waves and picturesque setting make it a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Duluth offers countless opportunities for families to enjoy together, making it an excellent place for new residents like us to create lasting memories. From engaging in local sports to exploring the wonders of nature, there’s no shortage of activities to fill your weekends with joy and excitement. Welcome to your new home in Duluth – adventure awaits at every corner! Let us know if we missed your favorite Duluth Family Activities, or get in touch for moving help.

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