1. Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured moving company.

2. Below are the two insurance options you will be able to choose from on the day of the move. The insurance option must be chosen before the move begins.

Basic Value Insurance
This lower level of value protection is provided at no additional cost and is included in the hourly rate. However, it only provides minimal protection that is considerably less than the average value of household goods. North Carolina’s regulations state that each individual item is covered at .60 cents per pound unless the full value coverage was selected. For example, if a dining room table that weighed 100 pounds were damaged beyond repair then the max payout would be for 100 pounds or $60.00.

Full Value Insurance
This level of insurance protects your items to their full value on the market today. For example, if a dining room table that was damaged beyond repair was valued at $400.00 then you would be reimbursed for $400.00. Please note, the moving company reserves the right to repair or reimburse the customer for the cost of repairs if the damaged item is repairable. The cost of full value insurance is based on the number of bedrooms your current residence has and will be applied to your ending total. A 1-bedroom home = $90, 2 bedrooms = $150, 3 bedrooms = $200, and a 4 bedroom = $250.00.

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