1. All local moves in Duluth and surrounding areas are charged at an hourly rate. Your moving estimate is based on how many movers you need and how long it will take them to successfully complete your move. We start the clock once we arrive at your home and we stop it when we are completely finished at the final location. We guarantee that our movers will work hard to get your move done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. If you click the rates tab you can view our pricing structure.

2. We require a 2-hour minimum. All time past the 2-hour minimum is pro-rated to the minute. This means we NEVER round up to the nearest half hour or hour. We will only charge for exactly how long the move takes to complete after the 2-hour minimum.

3. The formula to calculate your move total is (Hourly Rate X Total Time on the Job + Travel Fee) For example, if you have a in town move (0-25mi) with a 2-man crew at $165/hr and your move takes 2 hours and 45 minutes your total would be $578.50 ($165/hr X 2.75hrs + $125 = $578.50).

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